San Diego Metro Pigeon Club


The San Diego Metro Pigeon Club is dedicated to promoting the pigeon hobby through fellowship, eduction and competition.

The late Elmur Uhrich & Stanley Gentz founded the SDMPC in the early 60's. Their passion was to help everyone enjoy a hobby that was safe, educational and a whole lot of fun.

Our programs are geared to both adults and junior members. We hold neetings throughout the year which act as a training ground for members to show their birds, learn more about the hobby, and spend time with other pigeon fanciers.

Our goal is to help each member become as successful as they desire in the hobby.

Come join in the fun. You won't find a more helpful and friendly group of people than at the SDMPC. There is a breed of piegon just waiting for you. Your choices are almost endless.

Thank you from all the members of the San Diego Metro Pigeon Club.


Joining the SDMPC