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The San Diego Metro Pigeon Club (SDMPC) is dedicated to promoting the pigeon hobby through fellowship, education, and competition. The late Elmer Uhrich and Stanley Gentz founded the SDMPC in the early 60's. Their passion was to help young pigeon enthusiast enjoy a hobby that was safe, educational, and a lot of fun.

Our programs are geared to both adults and juniors. We hold meetings throughout the year which act as a training ground for members to show pigeons, learn more about the hobby, and spend time with other pigeon fanciers. Our goal is to help each member become as successful as they desire in their hobby. Come join in the fun. You won't find a more helpful and friendly group of pigeon fanciers than at the SDMPC.

There are hundreds of different pigeon breeds created by fanciers all over the world. There is a breed just right for you. Join us now and start enjoying your membership benefits.

Thank you,


San Diego Metro Pigeon Club

Photoshop Services

This is a graphic I did for Kirk Crawford of Montana.  He used it for his show coat.  It took a lot of time and patience to get the right look he and I wanted to present.

New Bird Law Fails to Take Flight | Ellenbrook Australia

With all the negative news and laws being aimed at pigeon keeping, it is refreshing to hear at least one community has made a logical decision.  Click on the link below to read the full article.

New bird laws fail to take flight

Joel Kelly | October 28, 2015, 6:00 AM | The Advocate

European Film Screenings | Pigeons

European Film Screenings: Romantic drama Flying Home uses pigeons as a metaphor for the simple life, says director

More Pigeon Art from Too Too Toucan

Too Too Toucan prints pigeon art engravings EBay

There are only a handful of pigeon related art or collectable items on EBay.  Here is a snapshot of what you can find.

Harper's Weekly | New York Pigeon Show 1879

Harpers Weekly | New York Pigeon Show 1879I found this engraving for sale on EBay for $14.99 of the Harper's Weekly (February 22, 1879) highlighting the New York Pigeon Show of 1879.

Fiesta Pigeon Show | Dec 5th, 2015

Paul Platz 10/03/2015 Line of Champions

Mike Cobb, the primary judge was actually in the unstiched photographs but when the stitching was done, he was cropped out of the picture.  Sorry Mike, I will post a slide show of the shots and you will be included.

Click on the picture above to open a larger version of the picture.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Paul Bayani, Jr.
SDMPC Web Administrator
SDMPC Graphics Editor
SDMPC Videographer
SDMPC Phtographer

Oct. 3, 2015 Show Results - Paul Platz Young Bird Show


Photographs from the 2007 NPA Grand National

Pigeon Breed: Zitterhal
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: West of England Tumbler - Pattern Tortoiseshell
Slideshow Image:
West of England Tumbler Pattern
Pigeon Breed: West of England Tumbler - Baldhead
Slideshow Image:
West of England Tumbler Baldhead
Pigeon Breed: West of England Tumbler - Mottle
Slideshow Image:
West of England Tumbler Mottle
Pigeon Breed: West of England Tumbler - Black Self
Slideshow Image:
West of England Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Vienna Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Vienna Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Valencia Figurita
Slideshow Image:
Valencia Figurita
Pigeon Breed: Thuringer Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Thuringer Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Texas Pioneer
Slideshow Image:
Texas Pioneer
Pigeon Breed: Swing Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Swing Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Starwitzer Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Starwitzer Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Spanish Barb
Slideshow Image:
Spanish Barb
Pigeon Breed: Show Racer
Slideshow Image:
Show Racer
Pigeon Breed: Oriental Roller
Slideshow Image:
Oriental Roller
Pigeon Breed: Show King
Slideshow Image:
Show King
Pigeon Breed: Show Flight
Slideshow Image:
Show Flight
Pigeon Breed: Short Faced Plain Head Helmet
Slideshow Image:
Short Faced Plain Head Helmet
Pigeon Breed: Short Faced Crested Helmet
Slideshow Image:
Short Faced Crested Helmet
Pigeon Breed: Scandaroon
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Saxon Monk
Slideshow Image:
Saxon Monk
Pigeon Breed: Swallow
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Saddleback Muffed Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Saddleback Muffed Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Russian Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Russian Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Romanian Naked Neck
Slideshow Image:
Romanian Naked Neck
Pigeon Breed: Racing Homer Flying
Slideshow Image:
Racing Homer Flying
Pigeon Breed: Portugese Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Portugese Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Pomeranian Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Pomeranian Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Pygmy Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Pygmy Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Plain Head Medium Face Helmet
Slideshow Image:
Plain Head Medium Face Helmet
Pigeon Breed: Persian Roller
Slideshow Image:
Persian Roller
Pigeon Breed: Parlor Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Parlor Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Parlor Roller
Slideshow Image:
Parlor Roller
Pigeon Breed: Oriental Frill
Slideshow Image:
Oriental Frill
Pigeon Breed: Old Dutch Capuchine
Slideshow Image:
Old Dutch Capuchine
Pigeon Breed: Nun
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Mookee
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Modena
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Medium Faced Crested Helmet
Slideshow Image:
Medium Faced Crested Helmet
Pigeon Breed: Marchenereo Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Marchenero Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Magpie
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Macedonian Turbit
Slideshow Image:
Macedonian Turbit
Pigeon Breed: Lahore
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Komorner Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Komorner Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Jacobin
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Italian Owl
Slideshow Image:
Italian Owl
Pigeon Breed: Indian Fantail
Slideshow Image:
Indian Fantail
Pigeon Breed: Ice Pigeon
Slideshow Image:
Ice Pigeon
Pigeon Breed: Horseman Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Horseman Pouter
Pigeon Breed: German Turbit
Slideshow Image:
German Turbit
Pigeon Breed: German Double Crested Trumpeter
Slideshow Image:
German Double Crested Trumpeter
Pigeon Breed: German Beauty Homer
Slideshow Image:
German Beauty Homer
Pigeon Breed: Genuine Homer
Slideshow Image:
Genuine Homer
Pigeon Breed: Galation High Flier
Slideshow Image:
Galation High Flier
Pigeon Breed: Giant Runt
Slideshow Image:
Giant Runt
Pigeon Breed: Gaditamo Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Gaditamo Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Frillback
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Frankonian Trumpeter
Slideshow Image:
Frankonian Trumpeter
Pigeon Breed: Flying Roller
Slideshow Image:
Flying Roller
Pigeon Breed: Flying Racing Homer - Saddle
Slideshow Image:
Flying Racing Homer - Saddle
Pigeon Breed: Fantail
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Exhibition Homer
Slideshow Image:
Exhibition Homer
Pigeon Breed: English Trumpter
Slideshow Image:
English Trumpeter
Pigeon Breed: English Pouter
Slideshow Image:
English Pouter
Pigeon Breed: English Carrier
Slideshow Image:
English Carrier
Pigeon Breed: Elster Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Elster Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Dutch Turbit
Slideshow Image:
Dutch Turbit
Pigeon Breed: Dutch Cropper
Slideshow Image:
Dutch Cropper
Pigeon Breed: Dragoon
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Danzig High Flier
Slideshow Image:
Danzig High Flier
Pigeon Breed: Czech Ice Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Czech Ice Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Classic Old Frill
Slideshow Image:
Classic Old Frill
Pigeon Breed: Chinese Owl
Slideshow Image:
Chinese Owl
Pigeon Breed: Brunner Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Brunner Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Bokhara Trumpeter
Slideshow Image:
Bokhara Trumpeter
Pigeon Breed: Bavarian Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Bavarian Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Barb
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: American Show Racer
Slideshow Image:
American Show Racer
Pigeon Breed: Arch Angel
Slideshow Image:
Arch Angel
Pigeon Breed: Antwerp
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: American Roller
Slideshow Image:
American Roller
Pigeon Breed: American Giant Homer
Slideshow Image:
American Giant Homer
Pigeon Breed: African Owl
Slideshow Image:
African Owl

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