Constitution and By-Laws


Adopted January 17, 1966
Amended January 1992
Amended February 1998
Amended August 2003
Amended November 2014



The name of this organization is to be known as the San Diego Metro Pigeon Club.



The purposes of this organization is as follows:

  1. To establish and promote the values of Pigeon Breeding and to educate the public for the benefit of the hobby.
  2. Meetings will be held the first Saturday of each even month. Additional meetings may be added at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  3. To meet and share information with everyone interested in the breeding and showing of pigeons.
  4. To elect qualified officers from the general membership to manage the clubs affairs for the benefit of the membership. An officer must be an active member who shows the interest required to promote the welfare of the club. An officer should be someone who attends meetings regularly.
  5. Elections are to be held every year in December. The term of office shall be one year beginning as soon as elected. Officers will be elected by a majority vote of participating active club members. (Dues must be paid to be an active member.) If a member cannot be present to vote, s/he can request an absentee ballot that is to be mailed to the club a week before the meeting date.




 Shall preside over all meetings of the club. S/he shall act as chairperson of the Board of Directors. S/he shall appoint committees to undertake special projects for the welfare of the club. S/he will make certain that all vacancies in offices that occur between elections

 are filled by appointing a replacement approved by the Board of Directors. S/he shall ensure that the club functions properly and shall maintain general supervision over the affairs of the club. The President has the authority to sign all agreements and documents as authorized by the club. The president shall have the authority to call emergency meetings of the Board of Directors or club membership to conduct urgent club business.



 Shall be qualified and willing to assume the duties of the president in His/Her absence. The Vice President shall perform additional duties for the welfare of the club as are assigned by the president.



Shall be responsible for maintaining on record the minutes of all club business meetings.

Shall originate, receive, file and route all club correspondence, both internal and external.

Shall receive and record the show results for permanent records and bulletin production. Shall maintain a Show Journal of all table show winners as well as the winners of the Paul Platz Young Bird Show and the Fiesta Show.

Shall be authorized to petition the treasurer for funds to pay authorized monetary obligation on behalf of the club.



Shall be a member in good standing deemed by the membership to be honest and morally concerned for the financial wellbeing of the club.

Shall be held responsible for the collection, record, safeguarding and disbursement of the club funds either directly or through the club secretary.

Shall be required to give a club financial status report of all monthly income and expenditures at each business and/or board meeting.

Shall be the club’s bank account liaison and maintain the club banking records.

Shall, when requested by the Board of Directors, submit the club financial records for audit.

Monies collected from dues, entry fees, drawings or any other source are to be expended for authorized club appropriations only. The Treasurer shall purchase, or cause to be purchased all items and keep records and all receipts for all expenditures. The club will provide funds to purchase three bags of feed for each meeting for the raffle in excess of any donations that might occur.



Shall be responsible for show setup, collecting show entries and fees, classing birds for competition, assigning/obtaining judges and for supervision of a full show teardown prior to award ceremonies and raffles. The Show Secretary shall collect all judging results and compile a brief show report prior to awards ceremonies. Also a copy of a complete show report must be delivered to the Club Secretary ASAP for the clubs permanent records and Bulletin publication.



May be the club secretary or another individual responsible for collecting, printing and distributing club bulletin/publicity information for the educational and newsworthy business of membership and the fancy in general. Must mail club bulletins to paid members in a timely fashion prior to the next scheduled meeting it precedes.



Shall be responsible for control of the clubs physical property assets including but not limited to show cages, stands, permanent records, library, awards stock, trailer storage and all other physical property assets. Will oversee security at all club meetings and shows. Duties will include ensuring safety, theft and damage prevention to bird and club equipment and other duties as assigned by the President or Board.



Shall consist of the club President who will preside as Chairperson of the Board, the club officers and five Directors elected by the membership. The board will hold a meeting prior to each club business meeting and shall hold additional meetings as the Chairperson may deem necessary to act on behalf of the for the welfare of the club. The Board of Directors shall have complete jurisdiction of all club judicial matters and shall decide by majority vote of members present the disposition of any complaints that may be filed with the club Secretary. There must be a minimum of six Board members present to act on business brought before the Board. The Board shall have the authority to suspend or expel any member deemed unfit to continue membership in this club.



No officer, committee or individual shall render the club liable for an amount exceeding $100 appropriation. No officer or member of the club shall be personally liable for any official debt of the club.



ANNUAL DUES to this organization shall be:


  1. Senior members (age 18 and over)---------------$15
  2. Junior members(age 17 and under)---------------$10
  3. Family (two or more of the same family)--------$20


Annual dues expire on December 31st of each year and dues for the following year become payable on January 1st. Dues must be paid on or before March 1st to remain a member in good standing.



This club shall be an educational, non-commercial and non-partisan organization.


Article VIII

This club can only be dissolved with the consent of two-thirds vote of the members in good standing of the club.



The business address of the SAN DIEGO METRO PIGEON CLUB until further notice is:


P.O. BOX 152572
San Diego, California 92195-2572

Photographs from the 2007 NPA Grand National

Pigeon Breed: Zitterhal
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: West of England Tumbler - Pattern Tortoiseshell
Slideshow Image:
West of England Tumbler Pattern
Pigeon Breed: West of England Tumbler - Baldhead
Slideshow Image:
West of England Tumbler Baldhead
Pigeon Breed: West of England Tumbler - Mottle
Slideshow Image:
West of England Tumbler Mottle
Pigeon Breed: West of England Tumbler - Black Self
Slideshow Image:
West of England Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Vienna Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Vienna Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Valencia Figurita
Slideshow Image:
Valencia Figurita
Pigeon Breed: Thuringer Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Thuringer Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Texas Pioneer
Slideshow Image:
Texas Pioneer
Pigeon Breed: Swing Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Swing Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Starwitzer Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Starwitzer Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Spanish Barb
Slideshow Image:
Spanish Barb
Pigeon Breed: Show Racer
Slideshow Image:
Show Racer
Pigeon Breed: Oriental Roller
Slideshow Image:
Oriental Roller
Pigeon Breed: Show King
Slideshow Image:
Show King
Pigeon Breed: Show Flight
Slideshow Image:
Show Flight
Pigeon Breed: Short Faced Plain Head Helmet
Slideshow Image:
Short Faced Plain Head Helmet
Pigeon Breed: Short Faced Crested Helmet
Slideshow Image:
Short Faced Crested Helmet
Pigeon Breed: Scandaroon
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Saxon Monk
Slideshow Image:
Saxon Monk
Pigeon Breed: Swallow
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Saddleback Muffed Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Saddleback Muffed Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Russian Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Russian Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Romanian Naked Neck
Slideshow Image:
Romanian Naked Neck
Pigeon Breed: Racing Homer Flying
Slideshow Image:
Racing Homer Flying
Pigeon Breed: Portugese Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Portugese Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Pomeranian Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Pomeranian Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Pygmy Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Pygmy Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Plain Head Medium Face Helmet
Slideshow Image:
Plain Head Medium Face Helmet
Pigeon Breed: Persian Roller
Slideshow Image:
Persian Roller
Pigeon Breed: Parlor Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Parlor Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Parlor Roller
Slideshow Image:
Parlor Roller
Pigeon Breed: Oriental Frill
Slideshow Image:
Oriental Frill
Pigeon Breed: Old Dutch Capuchine
Slideshow Image:
Old Dutch Capuchine
Pigeon Breed: Nun
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Mookee
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Modena
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Medium Faced Crested Helmet
Slideshow Image:
Medium Faced Crested Helmet
Pigeon Breed: Marchenereo Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Marchenero Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Magpie
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Macedonian Turbit
Slideshow Image:
Macedonian Turbit
Pigeon Breed: Lahore
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Komorner Tumbler
Slideshow Image:
Komorner Tumbler
Pigeon Breed: Jacobin
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Italian Owl
Slideshow Image:
Italian Owl
Pigeon Breed: Indian Fantail
Slideshow Image:
Indian Fantail
Pigeon Breed: Ice Pigeon
Slideshow Image:
Ice Pigeon
Pigeon Breed: Horseman Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Horseman Pouter
Pigeon Breed: German Turbit
Slideshow Image:
German Turbit
Pigeon Breed: German Double Crested Trumpeter
Slideshow Image:
German Double Crested Trumpeter
Pigeon Breed: German Beauty Homer
Slideshow Image:
German Beauty Homer
Pigeon Breed: Genuine Homer
Slideshow Image:
Genuine Homer
Pigeon Breed: Galation High Flier
Slideshow Image:
Galation High Flier
Pigeon Breed: Giant Runt
Slideshow Image:
Giant Runt
Pigeon Breed: Gaditamo Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Gaditamo Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Frillback
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Frankonian Trumpeter
Slideshow Image:
Frankonian Trumpeter
Pigeon Breed: Flying Roller
Slideshow Image:
Flying Roller
Pigeon Breed: Flying Racing Homer - Saddle
Slideshow Image:
Flying Racing Homer - Saddle
Pigeon Breed: Fantail
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Exhibition Homer
Slideshow Image:
Exhibition Homer
Pigeon Breed: English Trumpter
Slideshow Image:
English Trumpeter
Pigeon Breed: English Pouter
Slideshow Image:
English Pouter
Pigeon Breed: English Carrier
Slideshow Image:
English Carrier
Pigeon Breed: Elster Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Elster Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Dutch Turbit
Slideshow Image:
Dutch Turbit
Pigeon Breed: Dutch Cropper
Slideshow Image:
Dutch Cropper
Pigeon Breed: Dragoon
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: Danzig High Flier
Slideshow Image:
Danzig High Flier
Pigeon Breed: Czech Ice Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Czech Ice Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Classic Old Frill
Slideshow Image:
Classic Old Frill
Pigeon Breed: Chinese Owl
Slideshow Image:
Chinese Owl
Pigeon Breed: Brunner Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Brunner Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Bokhara Trumpeter
Slideshow Image:
Bokhara Trumpeter
Pigeon Breed: Bavarian Pouter
Slideshow Image:
Bavarian Pouter
Pigeon Breed: Barb
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: American Show Racer
Slideshow Image:
American Show Racer
Pigeon Breed: Arch Angel
Slideshow Image:
Arch Angel
Pigeon Breed: Antwerp
Slideshow Image:
Pigeon Breed: American Roller
Slideshow Image:
American Roller
Pigeon Breed: American Giant Homer
Slideshow Image:
American Giant Homer
Pigeon Breed: African Owl
Slideshow Image:
African Owl

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